Wiro Notebooks

Image of a custom wiro notebooks hardcover printed in 4 colours

Four Colour Hardback
Great custom wiro notebooks to promote your company, school or club. Durable hardback cover, custom printed in your own design. Inside pages can be many formats and could include your logo.

Brite Pad

Card Cover Wiro
A more flexible custom wiro notebook. Covers can be four colour printed in your design. Inside pages can also be fully customised to show planners, timetables, diet/exercise. Whatever you need.

Curve company logo notebooks, from The Notebook Warehouse

Curve Notebook
Stylish and Eye Catching. A polypro cover with a coloured curve. Plenty of options to help your brand get noted.


The wiro notebook is often overlooked when it comes to promotional notebooks which we think is rather unfair. These are one of the most versatile company branded notebooks there is. The custom wiro notebooks can include full colour covers to create a startling effect. Your logo can be included on the pages as well as special information section to give them a brochure feel. What is more is the quantities for these to be added is far smaller than bound notebooks.
We, at The Notebook Warehouse, believe it is time for wiro notebooks to come out of the shadows of the store room and be proudly entered into the promotional notebooks line up. We think our selection of custom wiro notebooks will help to achieve this.